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Fishing Reports

31 April 2000 - Volume 4 Issue 4

It's always a hard thing to write a fishing report - its great to tell you about the fishing "last week", "Last month" or even over Easter - but how does that help with your future plans.

I guess we can always learn from any form of communication so its in this light I'm going to say that the three days prior to Easter 2000 saw some of the most red hot fishing in our region for months.

The Reef

I was really fired up with Kim Andersen of New Moon III reporting everything from reds and coral trout on the reef structure, to pelagics like tuna and mackerel all biting their heads off in the current lines. The fishing was so good the clients went for a leisurely swim at one of the sand cays - their arms were hurting from too much action.

The Rivers

Another report from Terry Holman of Tropical Lure and Fly Fishing of a magic day upstream on the mighty Daintree where they landed seventeen silver barramundi - a great day in any ones language.

The Estuary

Well this did not let the anglers down either - the calm water enticing a school of prized king salmon up to 80cm to enter the harbour and give mum, dad and the kids a ball on light 6kg bait tackle. There were also good sized fingermark reds in attendance at the usual deep structured areas and again specimens to 80 cm came over the side.


And then Easter hit and you all know what Easter is suppose to be about - yeah! sheltering from the wind and the rain. All those poor campers, some even had to be rescued by helicopter, all access roads were flooded. The rivers were flooded, the estuary was flooded and the 40 knot winds sure kept the off-shore brigade scratching their chins and well - just have another beer mate.

I spent my Easter break (the first for eight years mind you) down at the beautiful little seaside holiday town of Kurrimine beach - a lovely spot - only two hours drive south of Cairn. This jewel of a place has largely been kept a secret by the locals as "their place" to go for a holiday. Every second home has a red tractor parked in the front yard, used to pull the boat in / out of the water. And the ones that didn't, had a yellow one. Now that tells you something about the fishing potential of this place that time forgot. Only one general store that sells everything except maple syrup (another story - trying to amuse the kids by making pan cakes). Two small take-a-ways come seafood restaurants and a local pub built right on the sand dunes overlooking the sweeping bay and out to King Reef - which is actually within walking distance at low tide.

That pub saved my weekend. It was packed with locals, drinking, playing pool, watching the footy on the big screen, chatting in the restaurant while their kids happily played on the grass right in from of their noses - safe, happy, contented and well........this bloody weather!

I actually did try to fish, off the beach, because the kids pestered me for two days. We bought the bait, rigged the lines, cast out and waited for only five minutes ..........the kids got bored and I was left holding the rods. Guess where I went next......right into the pub.


Every time I say something about the weather, it turns around the very next day. So I'm not going to tell you that after one of the worst, wet, windy Easter's on record, it is absolutely P-----T outside right now - just in case it really is my fault, all this turmoil. You never know the power of the written word.

Traditionally though we are entering a fairly good period, especially for the reef fisherman. As the waters cool heading into mid year, and the clarity improvers as the rains stop (I hope) the likes of sweetlip, coral trout and red emperor venture further inshore and are more accessible to the average fisho' in his run-about. Look for calmer days and get out there, don't forget to drag a few rapalas around as the mack's will be there also. On very calm days chucking poppers around the bommies will be magic for monster G.T.'s anywhere up to 50 kg so your tackle better be able to handle it.

Extended Charters

In light of the many e-mail requests we have added two new options to our charters page. This is a direct response and if there is enough demand for any particular touring product we will source it and put it up for you. Currently we have a package to the Hinchinbrook / Caldwell region and one to Weipa on Cape York. Both offering exceptional value as well as the opportunity to fish more remote regions where on average the fish are much bigger, meaner, hungrier and more numerous than in the closer, more heavily fished locations.

Look out for more Cape York, Tully & Murray river, The gulf and some blue water light tackle packages coming on line in the near future. Watch this space!

PS - Being locals and having been in the tourist industry up this way for twelve years, means we don't only look after the fishing side of things - we can tailor make your complete holiday in paradise. From accommodation, hire cars, booking tours (only 600 to chose from) and of course fishing, my wife Pam and I can cover the lot. We will even meet and greet you at the airport and point you in the right direction if any assistance is required.

And our aim - to give you guys the best possible holiday and fishing trip the region can offer!

See you on the water,
Les Marsh

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