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Fishing Reports

October 15, 2002 - Volume 6 Issue 6

How quickly the seasons changed this year – were almost into summer and boy do we need some rain. The whole country is in the grip of a fairly severe drought and the Cairns City Council have just instigated water restrictions for the first time in 10 years.

Great weather for tourists and visiting anglers however with the warm waters sure fired up.

Now this report is going to be very brief – most of you will have received my Mitchell River story by now and I really must spend some time making money not just spending it to enjoy myself……….a shame I know!

Rivers & Estuary

All fired up is the best thing to say. Plenty of barras on the chew in both salt and fresh water and lure and bait fisherman are having a ball. Don’t forget that the East Coast fishery has a closed season for the targeting of barra from 1st November so get in now for your fix.

The usual species are being landed in consistent numbers, mangrove jacks, fingermark, grunter and trevally etc although the queenfish did not appear in usual numbers this year. Upper reaches are producing sooty grunter and jungle perch but the lack of water flows is making navigation difficult in all but shallow drafted vessels.

Rocky Headlands / Inshore Sport Fishing / Blue Water

These charters really come into their own at this time of year, the fishing has been fabulous. Quality metre long queenies from the wrecks, monster big mouth nannygai to 18kg’s, small mouth, gold spot cod, prime spaniards and even golden trevally are being caught – both on metal jigs and bait. These jigs sure give you a work out and get the adrenalin pumping. Our guys have been field testing the new Laser Pro metal lures and reports are nothing short of brilliant. They cast like a bullet, sink like a rock and catch fish like the proverbial magnet. I proved them up at the Mitchell and the local guys have cleaned me out of samples.

Light Tackle Sport / Heavy Tackle

I said this was going to be brief:

  • New Moon III: Big blacks from 300-990lb so far, three to four shots a day.
  • Kanahoe: 800lb
  • Top Shot: Fought a monster estimated at 2,000lb for 1 1/2 hours before losing it. Skipper has 25 years experience (current world record holder at 1442lb) and this fish was at least half as big again.

Tournament time in full swing and many vessels relocating to Lizard until mid November. Only a few days here and there left.

Cape York

I have just spoken to Gary Wright up at Seisia, he’s absolutely flat out and has just worked 23 days straight – its all those bloody southern and international fisher-persons that are doing it to him. Hell they are catching barras, jacks, fingermark, queenfish, tuna, barracuda, GT’s, king and blue salmon………..STOP IT!

See you on the water,
Les Marsh

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