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Fishing Reports

01 December 1999 - Volume 3 Issue 14

And the winner is...

Fishing Cairns is proud to announce that after only four months of operation, we have won our first major award. The very prestigious Asia-Pacific Queensland IT & T Award For Excellence in Tourism was won at a gala black tie evening held in Brisbane recently.

The award recognises not only the technical success of the site but also the contribution to the industry, tourism, and the potential for generating increased awareness worldwide of the magnificent angling opportunities present in our region, and of course for the huge information / content base.

For all of you who have helped me with this project, offered encouragement and in some cases supplied content, a very sincere thank you.

It would be remiss of me not to make a special mention of the "web technician" behind this project, Greg Slapp of Port Douglas Internet Services. This guy is a genius and we are very lucky that he likes fishing, thanks Greg. All of this would not have been possible without your support.

Now back to reality!

Heavy Tackle

This season is one of the best, big black's everywhere ! Graeme Walker of Class Act reported an average of four fish per day being raised last week, sizes ranging from 250 - 1,000 lb. Six fish landed in the last two days. The biggest fish actually weighted in so far this seasonwas a magnificent beast at 1,252 lb. The season looks like going well into late December even early January 2000.

Light Tackle

Perhaps a little bit slow in this area but plenty of yellowfin tuna to 40lb , average size 20 lb, along with skip jack, mack tuna, good quality wahoo to 80 lb and the odd sailfish making up most captures. But with the Heavy Tackle producing such consistently good captures the skippers, and clients are not complaining.

Reef Fishing

The coral trout are starting to thin out, as the waters warm edging closer to summer these fish head for the deeper reefs further off the coast. There are still plenty of other targets however with good captures of red emperor, large mouth nannygai and tricky snapper coming off most reefs.

One of my guides came to work last week complaining about the cuts and scratches on his obviously swollen and painful hands. He had had a day off and guess what he did, yep ! went fishing overnight out on the reef. The large mouth nanny's were biting their heads off, he landed nine of these brutes all around the 16 lb mark as well as plenty of the above mentioned species.

I had no sympathy for him.

River Fishing

November is usually the driest month of the year, somebody forgot to tell the rain gods. This past week has seen some major falls in the catchments with the likes of the Daintree, Johnson and Russell rivers receiving several inches of rainfall overnight on several occasions. This is where timing is critical, try to fish during the flooding and its a hard slog, get there two days after the river starts dropping again and the fish are very active and hungry.

Its been a mixed bag. We struggled a few days ago but still managed four barra for the day to 56 cm, all released of course, as it is still the closed season.On other occasions we have cleaned up on juvenile barra, jacks, trevally, queenfish and small cuda. Bait fishing has been quite good also, the inter tidal zone the best place to fish with so much fresh water around.

Cairns Estuary

We have had some very memorable outings lately, big grunter to 600mm found right upstream along with queenfish and G.T.'s coming from the gutters.There are plenty of prime mangrove jacks being caught on the more structured areas. Live sardines fished right next to the banks in the vicinity of a good snag proving deadly, and exhilarating action on light tackle outfits.

Many fish are lost to the hidden mangrove logs. Prawns are a bit hard to find though with this last set of big tides, but persistence pays off, just keep throwing your net along the mud banks until you find a patch.

See you on the water,
Les Marsh

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