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Rocky Headlands


I hope you are wearing good sturdy footwear as you dance across the razor sharp oyster covered rocks.

From Cairn's beaches to the immediate north, to the outcrops around the Port Douglas region, the renown Princess Charlotte Bay wet season run off to the many rocky outcrops that dot the remote Cape York and Gulf country - every one of them will hold some fish at certain times of the year.

Trevally During and immediately after heavy persistent rainfall these rocky outcrops and rock walls provide shelter to the many baitfishes, prawns and crustaceans flushed from our swollen rivers. Where the food goes, the predators follow and its no wonder that some of the best barra fishing of the year can be had during this wet season period.

It can be difficult to plan your assault however and if you are an intending visitor to our region it is much better to target the pre- and post-wet season (November to mid December or late March to April) for this style of fishing.

The further north you travel however the more predictable quality fishing becomes from these zones. Other targets here include mangrove jacks and trevally.

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