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Holiday Planner

Well, you're just about due for a holiday and you've decided that North Queensland is not only a great holiday destination, but the fishing is pretty special as well. So what's next?

This is where we can help out. We live here, we work here, we fish here, and our local knowledge and contacts can make it much easier for you to find somewhere to stay, figure out which charter best suits your requirements, and maybe even organise a rainforest tour or a reef cruise for you.

All we need to know is what you want to do, when you want to do it, how many of you are coming along, and a bit of an idea of the holiday budget that you've set for yourself. Please fill in the following questionnaire and we'll get straight to work on the details.

Accommodation Bookings: If you wish to book accommodation only - whether
it's a property that we've mentioned in our accommodation section, or a resort
or hotel that you've heard of - then please click here.

Please note that Terms And Conditions apply.

Your Name:

Street Address:

City, State And Country:
When Are You Planning On
Coming, And For How Long?

Arriving for days
How Many People In Your Party?
Adult:  Teenager:  Child:  Infant:
What Sort Of Party Are You?
Just me doing my own thing
A family with children
2 or more couples
2 or more families
A family with adult children
Travelling with relatives
Travelling with business associates
Travelling with friends
A sporting or social group
A few of the lads going fishing
Are You Interested In Any Of
Our Packages?

Reef Fishing
Lure & Fly Fishing
GT Popper Fishing
Blue Water Light Tackle Day Charter
Calm Water River & Estuary Charter
Fresh Water Day Charter
Heavy Tackle Extended Charter
Hinchinbrook Region Charter
Weipa Region Charter
Cooktown 2 Day 1 Night
Seisia Cape York Custom Sportfishing
Tully Rainforest Rivers
Lake Tinaroo Barra Trip
Princess Charlotte Bay 7 Day
Heli-Fishing Safari
Eco Sportfishing Nearshore Light Tackle
Blackout Sportsfishing
Custom Reef & Light Tackle Sportfishing
Sunrise Beach Lodge Fisherman's Delight
Tranquility On The Daintree Fisherman's Paradise
Atlantic Princess Northern Territory
No Thanks
What Sort Of Fishing Do You
Want To Do?

Fresh Water
Salt Water Fly
BIG Barramundi
Lake Tinaroo Impoundment
Inshore Light Tackle Sports
Offshore Light Tackle Sports
Light Tackle Game
Heavy Tackle Game
Cape York Fishing Safari
Do You Have A Preference For?
Sole Charter
Share Charter
Don't care
How Much Fishing Do You Want To Do?
A single day or half day trip
2 or 3 single or half day trips
A 2 or 3 day safari
I want to fish most days
I want to fish every day
What Else Do You Want To Do?
Nothing, just fishing
Reef Cruise
Scuba Diving
Diver Training
Rainforest Tour
Cape Tribulation 4WD Safari
Cape York/Cooktown 4WD Safari
White Water Rafting
What Are Your Accommodation


... or do you have a particular property in mind?

Do You Need A Hire Car?
Small Car
Medium Car
Large Car
Luxury Car
Station Wagon
Small 4WD
Large 4WD
Sport Car
People Mover
12-20 Seat Bus
No Thanks
Other Requirements Or Comments:


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