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Reports And Yarns

Fishing Reports Archive:

Me and a few mates up a river somwehere up north An archive of Les Marsh's fishing reports from the past decade.

Trip Reports:

Being stuck in an office behind a computer is a significant part of my day now that I'm doing this web site thing, but I get out on the water whenever the opportunity arises, and here are a few of my trip reports to give you a taste of fishing North Queensland style.

Giant Herring Other Stuff

  • Flat Eight - Fly Rod Treasures of the Tropics: Steve Starling nominates his pick of the eight most eligible and desirable fly rod target species to be found on our shallow tropical flats, and offers some valuable tips on finding and catching them.

Sportfishing Tournaments:

If you'd like the sort of fishing holiday where there's a chance of winning some money, instead of just spending it, why don't you try to be here for one of North Queensland's popular fishing tournaments. Guaranteed great fun, great company, and usually a pretty good party afterwards!

Giant Herring Hall Of Fame

I'm starting a new section on Fishing Cairns shortly where I'll be posting some photos of Fishing Cairns clients who got a snapshot of the exceptional fish they tell their mates about when they get home. If you start off a story with "It was thiiiissss big" it always has more impact if you have a photo of the monster in question in one of your outstretched hands.

Fish #1 in the new series is to the right. Not only did this lucky Lake Tinaroo angler bag a 1 metre (plus) barra, his brother caught its twin on the same trip!!

If you've been out with us over the past year or so, and you have a photo you would like me to post, please email it to, together with details of who, what, where and when, and I'll put the best ones up each month.

Continue to the Fishing Cairns Hall Of Fame....


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