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Fishing Cairns offers the only comprehensive information-based site covering all aspects of fishing this magnificent Tropical North Queensland and Cairns region. Whether your goal is to chase that elusive giant Black Marlin out from the Great Barrier Reef, or targeting Australia’s premier light tackle sportfish, the mighty barramundi, up the creek, Fishing Cairns covers the lot and much more in between.

From bottom bouncing for prime eating reef fish and extended charters in wilderness regions, to a simple half day outing for mum, dad and the kids, everything you need to know can be found on this site expressed in plain simple language like you were talking to a mate down at the pub.

There are plenty of sites out there trying to get you to book this charter or that trip, and we can certainly arrange any fishing related tour that you want, but what we try to do is to give you all the necessary info to feel completely confident in knowing exactly what your options are, and the know-how to go and do it.

We are in touch daily with our local guides, we know what’s on the bite, we know what is being targeted and at what time of the year. We pride ourselves in not just booking you a trip, but make sure you are on the right charter with the right fishing style that suits you best. Prices are exactly the same through us as going direct,¬†we help you to make the right choice to ensure you get out on the water and fishing, we’ve done the legwork, use our knowledge to your advantage.

With our extensive local knowledge and support from our local fishing charter and travel industry mates, Fishing Cairns can satisfy all of your local touring, fishing and accommodation requirements with the minimum of fuss.

Check it out, drop us a line, and remember,

“If you can’t catch it in North Queensland, it’s probably not worth catching”

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