Out from Cairns Harbour, and to the south of the entrance leads, the mainland plunges into the deep channel between this mountainous coast and Fitzroy Island. Kings Point drops steeply to over 40ft of water and during summer months is home to bigĀ Fingermark.

At this time of year the sea abounds with squid and their arrival co-incides with the return of these big prime copper beauties. Fishing is most productive at night using live squid baits caught by hanging a bright lantern or light over the water and then dabbing or jagging the squid. Fished whole, on the bottom, Fingermark to over 30lb are fairly common.

Other tropical species caught here include Trevally, Queenfish and Cod, to name a few. It is a renowned BIG fish location but care must be taken due to its open exposed position. It is subject to rough weather from the prevailing southeast winds, and the neap tides are also a better option.

As far as rigs are concerned, deep diving lures and the locally produced Bumpar Bar lure work well here (and at False Cape a little further out) and many a prime Spaniard has fallen to the tantalizing flutter of these lures.

Please Note: The southern side of the entrance leads consists of a large shallow mud flat, don’t try to cut the corner too short here as you may have to wait hours for the return tide.

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