Seasonal Fishing Guide – Cairns And North Queensland

Time Of Year Best month
Average month
Species # Current world record
Tackle H Heavy tackle
  M Medium tackle
  L Light tackle
  R Reef fishing
  F Lure and fly
  E Estuary and bait fishing
  Rv River fishing


Species Tackle Size To J F M A M J J A S O N D
Black Marlin # H/M 1600lb (725kg)
Blue Marlin H/M 1000lb (450kg)
Small Marlin # L/F 300lb (135kg)
Sailfish L/M/F 175lb (80kg)
Dolphin Fish # L/M/F 55lb (25kg)
Yellowfin Tuna L/M/H 110lb (50kg)
Dogtooth Tuna # M/L 200lb (90kg)
Spanish Mackerel L/M 90lb (40kg)
Wahoo L/M 110lb (50kg)
Spotted Mackerel # L 22lb (10kg)
Tiger Shark # H/M/L 1325lb (600kg)
Barracuda # L/M 100lb (45kg)
Giant Trevally # L/M/F 100lb (45kg)
Coral Trout R 45lb (20kg)
Red Emperor R 45lb (20kg)
Nannygai R 40lb (18kg)
Tricky Snapper R 8lb (3.5kg)
Barramundi # F/E/Rv 80lb (35kg)
Mangrove Jack F/E/Rv 8lb (3.5kg)
Queenfish F/E/Rv 33lb (15kg)
School Trevally F/E/Rv 12lb (5kg)
Golden Trevally F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Estuary Cod F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Salmon F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Fingermark E/Rv 30lb (14kg)
Flathead F/E/Rv 15lb (7kg)
Grunter / Javelin E/Rv 10lb (4.5kg)
Tarpon F/E/Rv 8lb (3.5kg)
Bream F/E/Rv 5lb (2kg)
Catfish F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Whiting E/Rv 2lb (.9kg)
Jungle Perch F/Rv 4lb (1.8kg)
Sooty Grunter F/Rv 10lb (4.5kg)

For a better understanding on the habitats, angling methods, rigs and charter options available to target the above species check out the Target Species section.

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