Traveling north along the Captain Cook Highway between Cairns and the resort town of Port Douglas one passes many pristine sandy beaches, punctuated by rocky headlands and boulder strewn points.

Although the beaches themselves are not a very productive area to fish, small Trevally, Catfish and sharks can be caught, the rocky headlands can be brilliant under specific conditions.

During the warm summer months after persistent heavy rainfall, large and even monster Barramundi patrol these bait holding areas in search of easy pickings, as they do at Yorkeys Knob just to the south. The “rocks” at this specific time of year consistently produce big Barra with fish of over 60lb a possibility.

Lure and rig selection is very important here. These large fish will destroy dinky tackle. Medium strength rods, a minimum 10kg spinning or baitcasting outfit and lures with beefed up hooks and split rings a must. Repeated casts seaward should be worked back through the eddies and around the rocks, the swirling water hiding the intended prey.

Many an angler has been left in shock as a metre of silver muscle explodes at your feet. The boof is deafening and quick thinking is required to stay connected. Good footwear is essential, wet slippery rocks can be a recipe for disaster for the unwary.

Patience is required however and several successive trips may end in failure until that fish of a lifetime finally gets the adrenaline going. Fishing is like that!┬áIt’s worth the effort though, and by targeting the prime tide times (the hour either side of high and low tide) not too much time is wasted. Look upon it as an escape from the pressures of life.

The balancing stones are now a very popular attraction along the Captain Cook Highway. Well worth the stop to take a few family snaps, or spend some time to add to this piece of public art. A warning however, take extreme care when doing so, there have been a number of accidents along this part of the road as drivers attempt to turnaround or slow down to park. Best plan is to stop for a look on the southern leg of your journey along this lovely stretch of bitumen.

Drop into Bransfords Tackle Shop in Clifton Beach on the way, for some expert advice.

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