Estuary Cod

Fish Species Of North Queensland

Estuary Cod –Epinephelus malabaricus

Cod of many colours and types inhabit our tidal estuaries, and in fact they can be caught any where in the tropics in the salt water. From mangrove lined estuaries, rock bars, bridge and wharf pylons to coastal rocky foreshores these structure orientated fish can be targeted using either bait or lure fishing techniques.

Estuary cod are hard on the strike, but once removed from their home, offer little resistance apart from their relative weight. Drifting any fresh bait to structure or casting lures for barra or jacks can produce these battlers.

Fish of over twenty pounds are common although most lure caught fish average around the four to eight pound mark.
Larger specimens usually succumb to bait fishing techniques where a relatively heavy handed approach is required to pry them away from structure.

These fish are excellent eating with plenty of firm white flesh along the backbone, size and bag limits do apply.

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