Fish Species Of North Queensland


Grunter (Javelin Fish) are probably the most prolific fish in our estuary and tidal systems and many a bait fishing outing has been saved by the catching of dozens of these common, but very underrated fish. They are one of the best eating fish to come from our waters, but being so easy to catch, do not have the glamour nor appeal of the more famous species like Jacks or Barramundi.

Anglers in the know however, will spend many hours working the sand bars and channels throughout the estuary system targeting this fish with running rigs, prawns, sardines, mud herring and fresh strip flesh baits.

The larger specimens are caught on larger baits, sounds simple doesn’t it, but you must be patient.

Schools of grunter to 8lb will travel the mud flats on the big rising tides and are good quarry on 6kg tackle. Smaller specimens can be a pest at times, but a fish is a fish and as I said earlier, their prolific numbers can be a blessing some days.

Size and bag limits do apply to Grunter. Soft white flesh and excellent eating.

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