Fish Species Of North Queensland


Imagine a metre long streak of silver charging from the water surface, shaking madly in a violent attempt to escape, then crashing down to do it all again, and again and again and again.

Spectacular stuff on light 6kg tackle, be it either bait or lure fishing, casting surface poppers or trolling minnows or slices, the queenfish (or skinnies) are spectacular quarry. A favourite target fish, they patrol the gutters and mangrove channels during the cooler months, but can be caught in the tidal estuaries all year round as well as on the close inshore rocks and reef areas. Fish to 10kg are quite common.

When baitfishing, use a running sinker rig with as little lead as is required to keep your bait in the current. Live sardines are perfect bait and can be caught using a cast net around the weed beds and mangrove points.

Queenfish are good eating when fresh and best thrown on the old barbie or hot plate. They do not however handle the freezing process and if not able to be eaten on the day of capture should be released.

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