Fish Species Of North Queensland



Found throughout the worlds tropical seas and in Australia right around the “Top End”, these magnificent fish are highly prized for their fighting ability, spectacular leaping and truly are a beautiful fish to behold.

Their backs are deep purple/blue shading to pale silver below and often with a touch of pink. Their erect sail like dorsal fin, usually twice as high as the fish is deep, is the outstanding feature of this prized light tackle sportsfish.

They are often sighted balling up bait fish on the surface. Trolling baits and lures and even teasing sailfish for the fly fisherman are common methods of capture and once hooked give a very spirited jumping display on light tackle.

Fish more commonly caught average about 36kg (80lb) but larger specimens to over 45kg (100lb) are around. Best months for fishing is during the warmer months of November to February.

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