Fish Species Of North Queensland


Wahoo belong to an exclusive grouping of fish that also include Tuna and Mackerel.

It is very similar in shape to Tanguigue (Spanish Mackerel) but can be distinguished by its different jaw structure, the almost uniform length of its dorsal fin and its display of over 24 cobalt-blue vertical bars over their silvery sides. A truly majestic fish when lit up in hunting or fighting mode, and a prime light tackle sportfish.

Wahoo are usually caught while trolling for other species and are a fairly solitary fish. They are a true tropical speedster, swimming and slashing at its intended quarry of flying fish, squid and small tuna. Marlin fisherman have cause to curse their encounter with this fish as they are known to slash at the feathery spray of water coming from the point where the line enters the water during a big run. Many monster Marlin have been lost to this unfortunate event.

Their scissor like jaw action with razor sharp teeth can inflict a nasty cut, so use extreme caution when handling. Excellent eating.

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